No.6 — June 19th at 7pm at Hootsuite Headquarters


Recovering from nightmare CSS by Brian DeVries


We’ve all been there. We’re thrown in the deep side of the pool, on a project with unorganized and poorly written CSS. Brian will be showing us strategies to recover from these situations.

But you can’t just fix it and walk away! Don’t worry, Brian will also show us how to implement a style guide to improve team collaboration and code maintainability.

Brian has experience working on large scale enterprise software solutions. His focus is delivering scalable applications that meet performance and accessibility requirements of the end user.

Flexbox and the evolution of layouts by Pez Pengelly


Pez will take us from the beginnings of layouts on the web (yes, he remembers), finishing with an exploration of flexbox and why it’s quickly becoming a powerful tool!

If we’re lucky, we’ll hear him Karaoke-ing about topics like: how the web evolved to where it is now in terms of layout. How the web originally started with just markup, how it transitioned to inline HTML styles, tables, CSS, floats, positioning, css grids, libraries and flexbox.

Pez is a front end web developer and interaction designer. He creates responsive websites and awesome user interfaces. He loves working on products and services that make lives better.

Should I come to this Meetup?

Everybody’s always welcome to CSS Brigade. No matter what your level is, you’ll learn something new. Every meetup event is a bit different. You’ll especially enjoy this CSS Brigade if:

  • You want to learn about:
    • Style guides
    • Code maintainability
    • Team collaboration
    • Good code practices
    • Layout (visual structure of page elements)
    • Evolution of the web
    • Flexbox (new CSS property to position elements)
  • You have some experience with CSS
  • You’ve previously worked with shady CSS
  • You work with a team
  • You want to meet other cool people in the industry

Talks level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

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