No.4 — March 6th at 7pm at Hootsuite Headquarters


Visual Formatting Model by Eleni Fragkouli

Eleni will show how she dived in the Visual Formatting Model, in order to satisfy her wonder of why margins collapse. She will also show how this approach helps her explore the design space more effectively.

Eleni is a student at BCIT with a voracious curiosity. In her journey for learning CSS she has been documenting the challenges and visual aids that have helped her get a better understanding of CSS and front-end development.

Pseudo-classes & Pseudo-elements by Darryl Pogue

Darryl will present a short overview of the standard pseudo-classes (:hover, :first-letter, :first-child, etc.) and pseudo-elements (::before, ::after, ::placeholder, etc.), followed by some examples of using pseudo-elements for extra borders, buttons with chevron edges, and more.

Darryl works at Ayogo. He specializes in web services and application development and has experience in a wide variety of programming languages.

Should I come to this Meetup?

This event is specially good for new developer or designers that are getting started with CSS but want to start using their skills to do some client work.

You should come if:

  • You’re getting started with CSS
  • You want to get a better understanding of CSS
  • You’d like to start working with clients
  • You’d like to simplify your HTML structure by improving your CSS
  • You want to learn more advanced CSS tips

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